Portuguese former journalist and writer from Greek origin Sarah Adamopoulos (Rotterdam, 1964) has been mainly dedicated to books since 2009. She has conceived and published Liceu de Camões – 100 anos, 100 testemunhos (Quimera, 2009), the centenary history of a famous Lisbon secondary school in the context of 100 years of Public school policies in Portugal; Nicolau Breyner (Planeta, 2010), an official biography of a very popular Portuguese comediant, a commission made for his 50 years career celebration; and Voltar – memória do colonialismo e da descolonização (Planeta, 2012), an historiographical research on the Portuguese decolonization days back in 1975.

As a press journalist, she has first worked for the weekly Portuguese (no longer existing) newspaper O INDEPENDENTE (1989–1995), a pioneer and practical journalism School that has changed Portuguese media landscape. While freelancing, she was a regular contributor to several Portuguese magazines such as NOTÍCIAS MAGAZINE, a weekly publication by the time with over 300.000 copies published on sundays with national daily newspapers DIÁRIO DE NOTÍCIAS and JORNAL DE NOTÍCIAS (2004-2010), or monthly magazine PAIS&Filhos (1998–2010), where she was also a columnist. In 2012 she was asked to contribute to European PACITA project’s magazine voltA on knowledge-based policy-making.

She has had the chance to work with some of the more significant Portuguese fine photographers and photojournalists, such as Céu Guarda, Sandra Rocha, António Júlio Duarte, Pedro Azevedo, Raúl Cruz, or the French artist-photographer Clément Darrasse.

In 2009 she was awarded the European Prize of Social Innovation in Journalism by the European Union for a story on immigrant integration EU driven policies in Portugal.

With a true vocation for editorial work, she likes to make (imagining, conceiving, writing, editing, publishing) books, magazines and all sort of publications (paper and digital support) as long as they are beautifully done: creative, innovative and editorially well designed.

Between 1996 and 1999 she worked as a close collaborator of José de Almeida, one of the first Portuguese expert web-designer and programmer with whom she has had the chance to learn a lot on digital publishing and creative programming for the web (namely for website creating).

She has translated from French to European Portuguese authors such as Albert Cossery (Une ambition dans le désert, for Antígona Editores, 2003), Boris Vian (En verve: Boris Vian, for Fenda Editores, 2006) or Thomas Piketty’s best-seller book Capital in the Twenty-First Century (Temas&Debates, 2014). She can also translate from English to European Portuguese.

She lived in France between 1985 and 1988, where she studied English Literature. She speaks fluently both Portuguese and French although she writes in Portuguese. She can also manage in English – or should we call it Globish? She lives in Lisboa, Portugal, Europe, and can be reached at sarah.adamo (at) Google Mail (dot com)


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